An Open Letter to Patreon

Note: We’ve read the email sent out by Jack Conte. We still endorse this letter in full, our demands have not changed, and we will continue gathering support. You can read our additional response to Jack, and Patreon, below the signatures, here.

We’re writing you today both as adult creators and concerned individuals about free, legal, expression. We’re deeply disappointed in your handling of clarity with regards to adult content on your platform, and the mixed messages we have been receiving. Not only that, the most vulnerable among us – disproportionately queer, trans, disabled, people of color and those whose first language is not English – are literally scared for our lives. After hard-won fandoms finally supporting us on Patreon, just one missed payment can mean homelessness.

Over the last couple years we have been courted by you, worked closely with you on promotion, creation, and even website features, and have been assured by you that Patreon was a home for all types of creators – including those that make adult content. And it’s been well reported that you were ending “payments discrimination against adult content” – something you proudly confirmed to us in email and behind the scenes in one on one messages with your employees.

However, there has always been an issue with your stance on “porn” versus “adult content.” This stance has never been clear and is reminiscent of the phrase “I know it when I see it”, most infamously used in 1964 by Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart to describe his threshold test for obscenity. This is an outdated, legally unclear, and importantly, extremely problematic view of adult media.

This problem has only been brought further to the forefront in recent days, where you have long had a checkbox on your site that says “Content contains sexual imagery or nudity.”

Which now exists alongside new language in your October 17th update, to the Adult Content section, which says this:

“Lastly, you cannot sell pornographic material or arrange sexual service(s) as a reward for your patrons. You can’t use Patreon to raise funds in order to produce pornographic material such as maintaining a website, funding the production of movies, or providing a private webcam session.”

Which is exactly, as you well know, how many of your most popular creators operate. We send our patrons signed prints. We let them pick what kind of movie to make. It’s even how you’ve recommended we operate – using Patreon to fund a movie, or creating a website to reliably deliver rewards to our patrons! We’ve got the support conversations to back it up.

After an Engaget article covered these new developments, this was added:

Update: A Patreon spokesperson has clarified that its stance hasn’t changed, just the way it articulates the policy around pornography and other adult content. Which is to say that producers of pornography and sex workers more generally have always been “operating outside of the Community Guidelines.” The decision will leave a number of sex workers looking for yet another way to secure payment for their labor.

As we see it, this is further confirmation of a betrayal of your loyal creators and their loyal patrons. You’ve made a statement to cover yourself, but completely ignored those who generate the money on your platform and use it to pay their rents. Your platform strikes a pose in favor of freedom of expression, but there is no way your current contradictory stances can result in any sort of comfort to the creators. We hear buzz that like tech companies past, it’s all about funding and we worry that we’ll always be disposable people. We see that you’ve stated that you will “work with” creators to make sure their pages aren’t taken down, but that is not enough.

What is lost in that discussion is that the most vulnerable people will be the hardest to “work with”. These will disproportionately be queer, trans, and people of color. These will be creators less steeped in the language of “erotica” – just knowing that they want to create and entertain and that their skills lie in a sexual area. We must listen not just to creators trained in classic mediums, art school graduates, those fluent in theory and all the other ways that adult content is made palatable to the cultured class, we also must listen to and represent those who simply make porn. Who want to be creative with their porn, yes, but most importantly want to be self directed.

Your platform has given these people a light. We know people who would be homeless if it wasn’t for making porn on Patreon – and it’s not a small number. We know people who now employ many queer performers, workers, subcontractors – all working to make beautiful content. And while we understand the desire to police illegal content off the platform (and support it!), all of this legal content is beautiful. Who is it, at Patreon or anywhere, who decides what is art? When is there too much porn, not enough aesthetics?

Your fuzzy position on “adult content” vs. “porn” gives you the freedom to discriminate at will. And it makes content creators live in fear of that discrimination, itself leading to self censorship of important viewpoints.

We ask you to end this discrimination. Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry mostly in the hands of well heeled men. You were helping us hold it in our own hands. We ask you to take a stand on behalf of the sex workers who use your platform, their fans, and everyone who supports freedom of expression. Take a stand behind your creators who make revolutionary independant content. Stand behind your women and LGBT creators.

Do not go quietly down the path of least resistance and join every other platform we are discriminated against on. As journalist Violet Blue noted, “We are barred from Facebook, Instagram, Paypal, MailChimp,, Squarespace, Square, Kickstarter, Chase, Snapchat, AdWords.. Add that Tumblr and other sites make us unfindable. Now imagine trying to start or run a business and being unable to use these tools.”

To reiterate, we specifically ask that you:

  1. Guarantee that adult content creators, of any legal content, will not have their sources of income revoked.
  2. Keep your promises to adult content creators and end the system of arbitrarily judging what is and isn’t acceptable expression.

You at Patreon have been our friends in the tech world, you have told us so. Imagine how hard it must be for us to survive without the tools you had to start your business. Remember that our fan bases have been a pillar of your community and supported that very business. Lukewarm assurances that you’ll “work with us” are not enough – proudly stand with creators and their porn, or admit that you won’t be there for us.

Please do not abandon us.

With much concern,

The undersigned.

And those who have been unable to sign – for fear of their safety and financial well being.

To those who want to sign, the option is below. Solidarity is appreciated.

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Violet Blue is creating cybersecurity news, and a San Francisco memoir
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Zina His creating reviews, articles, and essays about pop culture and fandom.
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As of the latest update (10/30)  over 2,000 creators, patrons, and supporters have signed. Detailed statistics available below.

Based on public data, the creators in the featured link section are supported by 49,397 patrons and bring in (again, based on those who list this publicly) over $167,911 either per month or per reward.

You can sign below.

This section to be updated as people choose to be added as featured cosigners. The complete list is below. Please do not be offended if we are unable to add your signature above in a timely manner and get in touch if there are any typos/mistakes. If you would like to support us, please fill out our google form. You can sign anonymously, as a creator, a patron, an organization or any concerned individual.

Again, live updated signatures will be displayed below the form.

Questions/press –

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Response to Jack Conte/Patreon’s response to this letter.
Media, please print in full if possible. Everyone else, feel free to reshare.

“We’ve read the email from Jack Conte. It continues to exemplify the exact problems we are writing about in our open letter and, in fact, makes them worse. He both moves to come out strongly against specific forms of expression, such as “real people engaging in sexual acts”, while going on at length about how good a home Patreon is to creators. And if we don’t agree it’s a good home, it’s ok because it only affects “very few creators”.

We will continue to stand in solidarity with any creator on the platform creating legal content and continue to demand that Patreon revise its stance to allow any legal adult content within a safe space on their site. We are sorry to hear that the way his company has handled our community “bugs” him, but it’s hard for us to have empathy for those in power while we are fighting simply to be heard, create, and survive.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Patreon’s move today is the exact opposite of what we asked for. Patreon is saying that they believe sex workers unable to change or censor their work to fit new requirements should lose their income and that legal expressions of sexual creativity do not have a home on their platform.

This email exemplifies the mentality of Patreon and other tech companies that their image, perhaps to investors or banking partners, is more important than the wellbeing of the legal content creators who rely on Patreon as a source of income and one of the only “safe” spaces for us.

We will continue collecting support and will think about our next steps as unified creators. If you would like to stand in solidarity, you can do so here –”

Note: We are aware that since penning (with a working group on signal and in twitter messages) this open letter, Liara Roux’s twitter account was suspended overnight. We don’t know anything more about why it happened and twitter has been unresponsive. We’re currently working to find out what we can with Liara’s legal representation at Austin Law Group, in the meantime you can contact her directly for comment if needed at Violet Blue has also indicated she is happy to talk to press.

Update: Liara’s twitter is back! Her and her legal team issued a statement.

As of about 12:00 pm PST 10/27, some statistics for you. Over 1,800 people have signed. 839 Patrons have signed, and 325 Patreon creators. Also of interest, 150 people said they would join Patreon as creators if it more fairly supported freedom of expression. 531 signers indicated they were concerned parties.

Based on public data, the creators in the featured link section are supported by 49,397 patrons and bring in (again, based on those who list this publicly) over $167,911 either per month or per reward.

We’ll update this again.